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Refresher training

Refresher training

level 2

Training content



















Level 2 Motor strategies and functional predominance


Thursday morning

Automatic motor programming of the trunk and lower limb (automatic reaction of the LSCF trigone, walking from above, from below)


Disturbances related to excess in the spine and lower limb


Disturbances related to dysrhythmias in the spine and lower limb


Relation to the concept of motor preferences


Rising kinetic chain: lower limb, thorax pelvis and upper limb, passageways



Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday morning:


4 workshops where will be reviewed: examinations, radiography, specific mobilizations, therapeutic education, specific stabilization, rehabilitation of motor control (analytical) sensorimotor rehabilitation (global stabilization), contribution of neuro-techniques dynamic.



Workshop 1: Shoulder (cap, capsulitis) Epicondylitis + sports situation

Workshop 2: Clinically unstable hip, knee and foot, trochanteritis, pubalgia, knee tendonitis + sport situation


Workshop 3: Non-postural low back pain + MC Kenzie contribution + sports situation


Workshop 4: non-postural neck pain + MC Kenzie contribution + sport situation




For who ?

  • AKACS member; € 400

  • No Member; € 550

  • Basic training

  • Level 1 improvement

  • Health professional

  • Student

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