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Refresher training

Basic training

Training content

Six two-day modules are offered (Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. - 40% theory and 60% practice).

Module A is the compulsory prerequisite for BCDE modules which can be followed at the choice and pace of the trainee.

Module F is only accessible to the trainee who has participated in all the previous modules

During each module, will be discussed:

Bio and joint pathomechanics.

Specific clinical examinations.

Analytical repositioning techniques (Manual Therapy by specific articular mobilizations).

Clinical reasoning, specific stabilization exercises, functional and proprioceptive rehabilitation.

Advice on healthy living.

Module A: Basics of the concept; hip and sacroiliac joints (2 days)

Module B: Sohier Concept applied to the knee and foot (2 days)

Module C: Sohier Concept applied to the lumbar and thoracic spine (2 days)

Module D: Sohier Concept applied to the upper limb (2 days)

Module E: Sohier Concept applied to the cervical spine and TMJ (2 days)

Module F: General review and intensive practice of specific mobilizations. Optional certification test (MCQ and demonstrations of specific mobilizations) giving right to the diploma of the International Institute of Analytical Kinesitherapy. (2 days)

After this basic training, further training modules can be offered, in particular the scoliotic spine.

Note: depending on the training locations and specific requests from the organizers, these subjects may be associated differently or distributed according to a different timing.

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